The term corrosion protection refers to measures intended to avoid the damage caused by corrosion (in all its forms). This can be done through active corrosion protection or passive corrosion protection (coating systems), with the aim of protecting a structure for the long term.

Our company provides passive corrosion protection standardised through various coating systems. The corrosion protection applied to steel structures is regulated by a range of standards and guidelines, the most important being standard EN-ISO 12944 and regulation RVS 15.05.11 for steel constructions in bridge building.


Radio relay stations
Radio and transmission masts


Energy supply
High-voltage pylons (110/220/380 kV)
Hydraulic steel structures (pressure shafts, various types of armour in caverns and surge tanks)


Steel constructions for industrial sheds
Tanks (internal and external)
Rail vehicles (trams, locomotives)
Passenger, goods and tank wagons