Preventive structural fire protection, with tested systems, on steel or concrete protects the objects in question from inside and outside. We offer fireproof coatings R 30 to R90 and H60/90/120 for Thermo-Lag, fire stops, fire protection joints, claddings and renders; we prepare the necessary certifications for the authorities and advise you on selecting the optimal product for your construction project.


Naturally, we also offer total solutions for refurbishments relating to fire damage and the associated water damage, including the necessary clearing up and preparatory work.

Dispersion and solvent-based coating

R30, R60, R90 for internal and external areas

Cement-bound systems / epoxy systems

Chemicals and petrochemicals; certified processor of Chartek and Thermo-Lag products

Fireproof cladding

Our company processes tested and certified fireproof claddings!